Do you feel like you are:

  • living in a fog?
  • stuck in stress & overwhelm?
  • receiving so much pressure that you don’t try because you might fail?
  • hiding your true self from the world?
  • not sharing your gifts and talents to your fullest potential?
  • a highly sensitive person?
  • not as healthy as you would like to be?

Are you ready for a change?

Let’s lift the fog from your brain and your life so you can get from where you are to where you want to be.



We specialize in Lifestyle Makeovers, Mindfulness Mentoring, Holistic Healing, and Wellness Coaching. You can choose between 3 packages. Each package is designed to get you to where you want to Be.



Gallop Package – Best for getting unstuck and transforming your life and finding your passion, purpose and peace – typically scheduled weekly for 2-3 months.




Trot package – Better for life changing solutions at a moderate pace – often scheduled bi-weekly for 4-5 months.




Walk package- Good for maintenance and mentoring – scheduled monthly or as needed.




Together we will custom design your package to get the results you are looking for. Options available in any package include: Massage and Bodywork, Mindfulness training, Learning about yourself and how to build relationships from the horse’s perspective, Flower essence therapy, Personal growth coaching, Psych-K, and Health mentoring. To learn more, click any option in the sentence above or from the tabs in the header.

My passion is to teach and support you to live life to the fullest without fear and regrets.

Packages are pay in full or pay as you go but you must commit to your dates a month in advance. This allows me to accept new clients as people complete their packages. You can also schedule appointments for a single session without picking a package.

In general, sessions cost $65 for an hour or $100 for 90 minutes. If there is a price listed next to a service, that overrides the general pricing from above.

If you receive services at The Center in Eau Claire, the cost is an extra $10.00 per hour.

Together we will create the masterpiece, that is YOU!

I am ready when you are. 

Click here to schedule your Free 20 minute Discovery call or to schedule an appointment.