Poems & Testimonials

From  the Horse’s Mouth and More
by Sally Lewis

Jayne and I are co-active coaches,
She is utilizing equine approaches.

My low back tension had an emotional base,
Career transition is what I needed to face.

The horses responded to what I was feeling,
Whatever is “back” there was beyond my dealing.

I’d carried those burdens long enough,
Released them to God who handles this “stuff”.

Empowerment ebbs and flows,
Worldly battles deliver tough blows.

Horses breathe, graze, and are aware,
Unconditional love and support can be found there.

Our lives are a process and friends help along the way,
Some of my best friends happen to eat hay.


In June of 2013, I was experiencing a lot of intense back pain due to a very emotional occurrence with some good friends. I shared this information with a friend of mine , Jayne Wolff, and she said–“I THINK I CAN HELP YOU”, but didn’t explain how. I went to her farm the next day. We did a verbal, thought provoking exercise for about 20 minutes or so and the next 20 minutes was spent with “STARS”, her horse. What happened next was truly amazing. Within minutes the pain was about gone. By that evening the pain was totally gone. I’ve since been back for another session with numbness in my leg. Within hours the numbness in my leg was gone.

Believe me—-“EQUINE THERAPY IS REAL”.                                                                                           Trust me—-“EQUINE THERAPY IS VERY REAL”

R.R. Chippewa Falls, WI


The massage therapy I receive from Jayne has always helped me to stay healthy. She has an ability to know just what to do. At middle age now, I was feeling like I needed a bit more than massage. I was looking for something to give my core a little shift. You know how it is, trying to re-define yourself. Jayne offered a new technique called Psych-K. She explained there is a sequence of verbal affirmations along side body postures (most are done on the comfort of the massage table) that are similar to brain gym exercises. She explained it supports a positive change in the way my brain processes information. My experience with Jayne that day helped me “re-boot” my energetic computer. The very next day I got my period! I haven’t had in eight years. I guess my body had something to let go of.

Afterwards I felt renewed, as if I had a breath of fresh air. Life seemed easier all around. It’s hard to explain, but easy to experience. I am very grateful she offered Psych-K techniques for better health. Jayne made it relaxing, easy and fun! — T.M.


I have been a client of Jayne’s for 16 years. When people ask why I drive 35 minutes to see a massage therapist when there are dozens of therapists closer. I say “She get the knots out and relaxes my muscles without hurting me.” — B.P.  Eau Claire, WI


Jayne is amazing! She has been coaching our daughter for 9 years. Jayne and her beautiful lovable horses have helped our family get through a very tough time in our lives. Her approach is so much more than having a horse lesson. It’s about finding out how you can be happy and at peace. It’s about building trust and confidence in yourself. Jayne and her horses have a very calming effect that can only be described if you experience it yourself. I would definitely give Equine Inspired Wellness 5 stars!
— BW of Chippewa Falls, WI