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Monday MomMe Mindfulness

Kiddos are back to school – Nurture yourself so you can have the focus & energy to take care of everybody else.

* Do you feel guilty about self-care if there are other things to do?

* Are you stressed and overwhelmed?

Would you like to:

* Learn & practice BEing in the present moment?

* Horses are great teachers – they are grounded & present.

* Be in a safe place to relax and create peace?

* Enjoy a different focus each week: Intuition, Connecting, and Creating?

* Small group of 6-14 women.

* Dress warm – hot tea and blankets available.

* Leave feeling nurtured and relaxed?


Welcome to a group of like-minded women who are ready to learn and practice BEing in the present moment. We will practice mindful meditation in the presence of the horses. Starting in September* (3 Mondays in a row) from 10-11am. The cost is $50.00 for the series or $20.00/Monday. There is an option to add 5 minutes of neck and shoulder massage during your meditation time for an extra $5.00 per session. This is your chance for some much needed ME time. The benefits to you and those you love will amaze you.

To register: email or call 715-829-5379 to get more information or register. Payment of cash or check is due on your first session. *Other dates available upon request.



Teens Mindfully Horsing Around

After school wisdom from a horse.

Does school stress you out?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus on your homework?

Would you like to:
  • Be outside with the horses?
  • Practice BEing in the present moment with other teenagers (group of 6-14)?
  • Learn to be mindful in a safe, encouraging environment?
  • Experience a different focus each week: Intuition, Connecting, and Creating?
  • Leave feeling relaxed, focused, and ready to face life with more peace?

Starting after school on Mondays in September* for 3 weeks from 4:15-5:15pm. Cost is $50.00/person for the series of 3. Our time will be spent working from the ground with the horses after the first session. This allows you to build the solid foundation of respect between you and the horse. Be prepared to dress warm but hot tea and blankets will be available. 

A Parent/guardian will need to register and sign a waiver for their teens. Cash or check will be collected the first week of the Series. To register or for more information, you can email me at or call at 715-829-5379. * Also available upon request.


Mindful Horse Circles

This is done in groups of 6-14 people. The cost per person is $20.00. I will teach you what to watch for in horse language before we start and each horse will be introduced. We will sit in a half circle that allows us to see the horses across a fence line. Then we will sit in silence except for the relaxing music and concentrate on Being present. At the end, you can discuss your experience and how it might impact your life. There will be a photo opportunity before you leave. The horses who are always in the present moment will be our role models. They will show you how they feel by their actions. Studies show just being in the presence of a horse can moderate your heart rate and blood pressure. This will be an unforgettable experience of becoming aware of your thoughts and what that looks like in your life. This is a great introduction of what Equine Facilitated Coaching is like.


Horses for Chickens I & II


Are you afraid to be your true self or are you stuck in a rut and want to get out? Then this is the workshop series for you. You must take the Horses for Chicken Series in Session number order because they build from the previous session. It is not necessary to take both sessions but you will probably want to. The cost is $125.00 for each day. I am looking forward to teaching you how to be mindful, use your intuition, and find your passion, purpose and peace.



starslipHealer Heal Thyself: A Gift of Healing and Awareness for Healers & Caregivers.

Join the inspired wellness herd to learn how your intuition, emotion and energy are affected by stress. The horses have the uncanny ability to draw our attention to areas within us that are ready to move forward. Horses read our body physiology and respond to behaviors, emotions and patterns so we can increase our awareness and have the confidence to heal and transform. As you expand your skills of partnering with a horse, you will gain awareness of how to become more balanced & relaxed in your life and how this effects what you offer to others. Our goal is for you to go home feeling refreshed and with a renewed spirit to honor yourself and continue to offer healing, caring and love to others.

For 2018, this 2-day workshop is by request only. 

Cost is dependent on the number of people in the workshop.



jewelmePartnership & Insight: An experience for women in partnership with horses.

The focus in this supportive small group setting is to experience partnership with horses while exploring insight, energy and emotion to achieve personal growth. During your time with the horses you’ll learn to recognize your intuition and realize the powerful potential it has to guide you in your life. The horses will help you understand that energy exists all around you, its a way to know what you are attracting. You will also discover by expressing and honoring your emotions that the horse will respond by connecting with you. By the end of this 2 day workshop, my hope is that partnering with the horses has helped you to gain insight that will inspire you to heal and grow.

 For 2018, this workshop in done upon request.                                                                Your investment depends on the number of people in the workshop.


jellygroomHorse Lovers Retreat: An Opportunity to Be with Horses.


This workshop will give you the opportunity to connect with the majesty and power of horses. Using the Epala® partnership philosophy, you will connect with the horses on all levels from observation to a true partnership. You will learn how to interact with a herd, create a dance of mutual respect and pure joy. This hands on experience with these beautiful, loving and intelligent beings will fill your heart with unconditional love, joy and gratitude.

For 2018, I will schedule this workshop by request.

Your investment is based on the number of people in the workshop. 



Retreats with Purpose

Are you looking for relief from overwork, exhaustion and superficial relationships? This is your opportunity to escape from your responsibilities and take time to relax, enjoy and feel your inner peace. This peace will help you get in touch with who you are and where you want to be. You choose which retreat package matches your schedule. Indulge yourself for 2 hours by choosing the Holistic Princess Retreat or for 5 hours of  indulgence, choose It’s all about ME Retreat. Retreats include: therapeutic massage, access to the Chi machine and Far Infrared Hot House, outdoor life coaching with or without the horse, PSYCH-K® session, and Flower Essence Therapy.


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