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Teens Mindfully Horsing Around

After school wisdom from a horse.

Does school stress you out?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus on your homework?


Would you like to:

  • Be outside with the horses?
  • Practice BEing in the present moment with other teenagers (group of 6-14)?
  • Learn to be mindful in a safe, encouraging environment?
  • Experience a different focus each week: Intuition, Connecting, and Creating?
  • Leave feeling relaxed, focused, and ready to face life with more peace?

Starting after school on Mondays October 16th for 3 weeks from 4:15-5:15pm. Cost is $50.00/person for the series of 3. Our time will be spent working from the ground with the horses after the first session. This allows you to build the solid foundation of respect between you and the horse.  Be prepared to dress warm but hot tea and blankets will be available.

A Parent/guardian will need to register and sign a waiver for their teens. Cash or check will be collected the first week of the Series. To register or for more information, you can email me at or call at 715-829-5379.