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Mindful Horse Circles

This is done in groups of 6-14 people. The cost per person is $20.00. I will teach you what to watch for in horse language before we start and each horse will be introduced. We will sit in a circle that allows for horses to be on 2 sides of us across a fence line. Then we will sit in silence except for the relaxing music and concentrate on Being present. At the end, you can discuss your experience and how it might impact your life. There will be a photo opportunity before you leave. The horses who are always in the present moment will be our role models. They will show you how they feel by their actions. Studies show just being in the presence of a horse can moderate your heart rate and blood pressure. This will be an unforgettable experience of becoming aware of your thoughts and what that looks like in your life. This is a great introduction of what Equine Facilitated Coaching is like.

Coach as a pair gives you change to spare.

2008-09-01_13-56-10Sign up for a horse coaching session as a personal growth experience with your friend and you both receive a discount. Experiencing a horse coaching session is a great summer growth experience to share with a personal friend. You each save 15% when you sign up as a pair! The first 3 pairs of people to respond in July via e-mail will get the discount.


Numerous studies show that being in nature and working with horses can lead to a healing experience. The social nature of horses as herd animals make them wonderful relationship building instructors. The relationship dynamics addressed may include: family, friends co-workers, health, money, animals, the earth and all aspects of yourself (mind, body, and spirit).


Approach the Coaches – Open Arena

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStars, one of my coaching horses is gazing- waiting to meet you. Drive out for a 30 minute farm visit and learn how the horses team up with me as coaches for life transitions. You can meet the horses and ask questions to get a better feel of how this works. I am eager to share information about other wellness services available here as well. Free 30 minute visit – email me from the contact tab to set up an appointment.

Approach the Coaches – Open Arena scheduled for July 11th at 10 am and again at 11 am. Please RSVP to reserve a seat.



Small Steps lead to Big Strides in life. Shanti may be small, but she can lead you to big changes in your life.

ShantiMikeSmStaff member Shanti Little Bear, allows Mike Bronson of Cutting Edge Hoof Care, to trim and examine her hooves. Every 6 weeks, Mike assess her dietary health and offers recommendations to naturally care for her hooves, as well as trimming them. This schedule is optimal for her care, which coincides with the values of Equine Inspired Wellness. Our mission is to honor all created beings, the earth, and ourselves. Mike takes care of Shanti’s feet so she can stay in step with the coaching clients. Good hoof care provides a health ground connection for the horse which ultimately helps the client.