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Mindful Horse Circles

This is done in groups of 6-14 people. The cost per person is $20.00. I will teach you what to watch for in horse language before we start and each horse will be introduced. We will sit in a circle that allows for horses to be on 2 sides of us across a fence line. Then we will sit in silence except for the relaxing music and concentrate on Being present. At the end, you can discuss your experience and how it might impact your life. There will be a photo opportunity before you leave. The horses who are always in the present moment will be our role models. They will show you how they feel by their actions. Studies show just being in the presence of a horse can moderate your heart rate and blood pressure. This will be an unforgettable experience of becoming aware of your thoughts and what that looks like in your life. This is a great introduction of what Equine Facilitated Coaching is like.

2017 Horses for Chickens

The workshop includes a box lunch from a local restaurant and runs from 9am – 4pm at a cost of $225.00 per person.  Dates are on Saturday with Sunday as a backup date which is determined by the weather. The workshop is limited to 4 chickens, I mean people who are chicken. If you have a group of friends who would like to do this workshop, I will create a special date just for your group.

Horses for Chickens Workshop

Horses for Chickens: For those who have had a bad experience with horses.  IbnMane

chickenMudHave you ever been on a trail ride that went bad? Your horse got spooked and took off running? You fell off while riding and now are afraid to get back on? You love horses but don’t know anything about them?  These are just a few of the reasons to attend this workshop. You will have the opportunity to learn how horses think and why they act the way they do. Most of our time will be spent working from the ground with the horses. The adventurous souls will be allowed to sit on the horse and be lead around the arena assuming the horse is willing. The workshop includes a box lunch from a local restaurant and runs from 9am – 4pm for the low price of $225.00 per person.  Date is October 22nd or 23rd. Date is determined by the weather. The workshop is limited to 4 chickens, I mean people who are chicken. Click here to register.

Horses grazing & massage


Just looking at this picture brings me back to this experience. For me as the massage therapist and horse lover, it was like having my cake and eating it too. It didn’t feel like work because I enjoyed it so much. I am thrilled that my clients are loving it that much more than a traditional indoor massage. The fact that you can hear the horses munching on grass that smells so good, feel the breeze blowing through the screen and hear the birds singing in the trees really adds to the relaxation experience. Introductory offer is $70.00 for one hour of peace and relaxation.






Sharing the path

SharePath2smSaturday morning after a fresh dusting of snow, I started a fresh path over my old path. When I got towards the end of the path, I noticed I was sharing my path with two other beings. My cat Ellie Mae and an unknown bunny had made fresh prints on the path. It made me smile to know I can share my path with other beings. I also realized that what I do is share my path so others can find their path.

Which Path?

pathoff2Today I was on my path to feed the horses and I stepped off it into the deep snow. It surprised me that even though the sun was not out, it was so bright I could not see parts of the path. It got me to thinking. I had a choice – I could step back on to the path and make my journey easy or I could blaze a new path that might take more time and effort but would be worth the experience. What choices will you make on your path? Sometimes we feel stuck and don’t know which choice to make. It is my passion to help you figure it out.

Are you on your path?

SnowpathI am so happy we finally got snow because I love snow. Each day as I created this path in the snow I started to realize its significance for me. This is the path that leads me to be with my horses. I follow this path multiple times a day. Being on this path leads me to relationships with my 4 legged babies, quiet time for myself, exercise as I do my chores and more. This is a part of my purpose and passion that I would love to share with you, so you can find your path. Today is a new day and a new year where do you want your path lead to you? You get to choose. Blessings for a Happy, Healthy New Year! Jayne

Coach as a pair gives you change to spare.

2008-09-01_13-56-10Sign up for a horse coaching session as a personal growth experience with your friend and you both receive a discount. Experiencing a horse coaching session is a great summer growth experience to share with a personal friend. You each save 15% when you sign up as a pair! The first 3 pairs of people to respond in July via e-mail will get the discount.


Numerous studies show that being in nature and working with horses can lead to a healing experience. The social nature of horses as herd animals make them wonderful relationship building instructors. The relationship dynamics addressed may include: family, friends co-workers, health, money, animals, the earth and all aspects of yourself (mind, body, and spirit).