Mindful Horse Circles

This is done in groups of 6-14 people. The cost per person is $20.00. I will teach you what to watch for in horse language before we start and each horse will be introduced. We will sit in a circle that allows for horses to be on 2 sides of us across a fence line. Then we will sit in silence except for the relaxing music and concentrate on Being present. At the end, you can discuss your experience and how it might impact your life. There will be a photo opportunity before you leave. The horses who are always in the present moment will be our role models. They will show you how they feel by their actions. Studies show just being in the presence of a horse can moderate your heart rate and blood pressure. This will be an unforgettable experience of becoming aware of your thoughts and what that looks like in your life. This is a great introduction of what Equine Facilitated Coaching is like.