Horses for Chickens Workshop

Horses for Chickens: For those who have had a bad experience with horses.  IbnMane

chickenMudHave you ever been on a trail ride that went bad? Your horse got spooked and took off running? You fell off while riding and now are afraid to get back on? You love horses but don’t know anything about them?  These are just a few of the reasons to attend this workshop. You will have the opportunity to learn how horses think and why they act the way they do. Most of our time will be spent working from the ground with the horses. The adventurous souls will be allowed to sit on the horse and be lead around the arena assuming the horse is willing. The workshop includes a box lunch from a local restaurant and runs from 9am – 4pm for the low price of $225.00 per person.  Date is October 22nd or 23rd. Date is determined by the weather. The workshop is limited to 4 chickens, I mean people who are chicken. Click here to register.