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Mindfulness. Transformation. Peace. 


If you are going through a life transition related to your professional or personal life or are just ready for a change, an outside perspective can provide you with the objectivity you need to make that leap.  


Are you ready for something different? Do you need to be mindful of yourself and your choices? Are you seeking peace in your daily life? A life coach can help guide you through these changes. By recognizing your strengths, asking pertinent questions, and realizing that you already have the answers, a life coach can help steer you in your new direction. 


My life coaching services are unique because I also offer an equine-based approach.

My horses use their instincts while working with you to help you become aware of your thoughts and emotions. They are 100% present something humans struggle to do on a daily basis. Through interactions with these animals, you will learn how to just be with the horse and, thus, just be with yourself.


As a coach, I listen to your desires; the horses will help you see the shift needed to continue the journey and I will encourage you throughout the process. If you are ready to become mindful, to transform, and promote your own inner peace, I will support you as you become open to the possibilities that unlock your true potential.


When I’m not working with the horses, I help people with pain and suffering, illness and injury, or trauma and drama. I have lots of life experiences and training in a variety of alternative healing therapies to help you work through these concerns. To see my packages, click on the Services tab. For specific information about each service, please click on the specific tab: Massage, Herbs, Life Coaching, Horses.


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